Clinic of Pulmonary Diseases


Under the supervision of

Dr. Ghassan Ghadban


This clinic provides the following services:

• Bronchoscopy

• lung function tests

• Diagnosis and management of sleep breathing disorders

• Skin prick allergy test

• Polysomnogram and CPAP machines

for diagnosis and treatment sleep

Apnea is available in the center






Clinic of Internal medicine


Under the supervision of

Dr. Dawoud Ibrahim Albshara






Clinic of obstetric and gynecology


Under the supervision of

Dr.Monkez Boghos Sarraj


this clinic provides the following services:


Pregnant observation

The Voluson 730 PRO system expands the clinical utility of Real Time 4D imaging technology in gynecological and prenatal applications. By performing up to 25-40 volume scans per second,

Real Time 4D imaging technology displays 4D ultrasound images as they happen, helping you visualize fetal movements and perform other diagnostic procedures.

- Speckle Reduction Imaging ll (SRI ll) and CrossXBeamCRI™ (CRI) for improved contrast resolution and border detection

- Realtime 4D

- High-definition zoom for excellent display of tiny structures

- Volume contrast Imaging (VCI) for better tissue differentiation

- Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI) for simultaneous view




- Doppler imaging

- 2D imaging

- Observation of high risk pregnancy

- Observation of fetus developing

- Detection of fetus malformations




• Induction and observation of ovulation by high quality vaginal ultrasound

• Intrauterine insemination IUI

• Doppler imaging to detect the disorders of the blood supply of the uterus and ovary and fallopian tube

• Treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome by the newest methods

• 4D imaging for confusing cases



Detection of early cases of precancerous and cancer treatment:

• Cervical smear

• Detection of cervical abnormalities using colposcope

• Ultrasound imaging for very early cases

• Periodic breast examination





• Treatment of hirsutism

• Treatment of gynecological inflammations

• Contraception

• Premarital consultation

• Surgical operations









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