Al Kossour Medical Care Center provides medical care during 24 hours a day…


• Home treatment by doctors and nurses.

• Specialized doctors for home treatment of all health problems.

• Day and night shifts nurses to provide medical care to the patient.

• Elderly special care:

We provide our services to the elderly people at home, in cooperation with medical care specialists. We also let the patients be safe at home according to their special needs. ( By providing them with Wheel chairs, crutches or walkers).

• Chemotherapy under the direct supervision of the treating doctor.

• Transporting the renal dialysis patients from / to home with the assistance of our experienced medical team.

• Home radiography supervised by a radiography specialist.

• Laboratory tests supervised.

• Oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators to your home.

• The possibility of providing variety of mechanical ventilators (CPAP — BIPAP), oxygen Cylinders, Oxygen Concentrators, Suctions Pumps, Nebulizer for Asthma. Pulse Oximeter, Medical Beds, Air Mattresses and ...etc.





Patient's Rights and Responsibilities Who has Benefit from our


Al Kossour Medical Care is committed to obtain the highest quality of care for the patients that we serve and is equally committed to make available all the equipment, medical supplies and drugs - including selling or renting – under the supervision of our experienced doctors, nurses and technicians.




Patient Rights

Our patients have the right to:

• Be cared for in a respectful, dignified, and a safe manner by competent health care professionals.

• Be provided with the equipments and medical supplies they need and which are available at Al Kossour Medical Center.

• Expect that they will be consulted and will participate in decisions about their health.

• Request access to the information in their own health record.

• Be acknowledged as an individual and understand their health problems.



Patient Responsibilities

Our patients and their families have the responsibility to:

• Participate with the health care team in their own health care planning and intervention.

• Use the rented equipment responsibly.

• Respect our medical team.



A word about Patient’s Confidentiality

Al Kossour Medical Center (KMC) takes the issue of patient confidentiality very seriously and has several measures in place to protect the individual's right to privacy.

• Staff are not allowed to share patient's information with others unless it is necessary for the performance of work duties (i.e. to provide patient care).

• Information can only be released or exposed to persons outside of A1 Kossour Medical Center with the consent of the patient (or the patient’s legal representative).

• Patient’s KMC files are kept at all times in a secure location so that access by unauthorized persons can be prevented.




• Smoking is not permitted inside the medical center or the patient's home. This protects the health, safety and comfort of the patients and their families.

• This rule applies to patients, visitors and medical team. We also advise you to quit smoking for the general health.


The Patient Relations Department

• The main objective of the Patient Relations Department is to assist patients of Al Kossour Medical Center in obtaining the health services they require and explaining KMC rules and procedures to patients and visitors.

• This department also receives inquiries and complains and will refer them to the appropriate staff member for actions.

• The services provided by Patient Relations are available 24 hours a day.

For further information, you can reach the patient Relations Department, 24 - hour - on - call, by calling at phone – mobile and free number 1825 2222.


Information for Patients

al Kossour Medical Care services are provided to our patients in the center and at home, day and night. Our medical team is available around the clock with all the facilities to make you feel better.


Consent Form

patient are required to give their consent before leaving Al Kossour Medical Center or any other hospital or being provided with care at home. The doctor explains to the patient the care that is going to be provided and the necessity of the medical equipment. He also answers your questions before you sign the consent.



there would be an agreement between the patient and our team on the way of buying medications. Either the center will make it available or the patient's family will do that.


Equipment and Medical Supplies

we offer the patients all the possibilities available of the assisting medical equipment they need at home according to their health problem.

All the options / alternatives are provided for them to choose according to their financial situation.


The Medical Staff


The consultant:

the consultant directs the medical team as the senior physician responsible for and with the ultimate authority for your care. Your consultant will make the final recommendations for your treatment and ongoing care.

Consultants are carefully screened before their appointment,  possess the highest international qualifications and a practical experience in their discipline.

The senior Registrar: the senior registrar is a trained physician specialist who works under the direction of the consultant.


The Resident:

The resident is a graduate medical doctor who is continuing his high education and Arabic Board. This doctor provides patients with daily care and supervises them according to the directions of the consultant and the senior register.

As your condition changes so does the information and opinions of the doctors, nurses and other members of the health care them. Thus at times it may appear as if the opinions offered by your doctors differ. If you feel that the information you receive is confusing or contradictory then request to speak to the consultant.


The Nursing Staff

We will assign a nurse from al-Kossour Medical Center to be responsible for your health and personal care.

Your nurse provides and manages your care, both at your beside and while away from it by:

• Observing and monitoring your physical and emotional condition.

• Providing care and comfort.

• Administering medications.

• Evaluating medications.

• Evaluating treatment and determining if changes are necessary.


The nursing staff will also be responsible for answering your questions, problem solving and identifying sources of help to you and your family.

The nursing staff is committed to help you attain your highest level of health, providing you with emotional support and caring for you, with respect to your special needs.


Other health professionals

A number of other health professionals may be involved in your care like those from X – ray or the laboratory, and others may be involved in your treatment. All members of the health care team are working together in a collaborative approach towards your recovery and rehabilitation.

The family members may feel worried to remove their patient from the hospital where he feels safe.

Nevertheless they must trust that the doctor made a right decision to let the patient goes home, AL Kossour Medical Care Center will serve the patient as if he is in a hospital. Looking forward to know the situation of your patient and provide him the suitable Medical Care and necessary equipment to make him feel better.




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